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Dr. Ceph screenshotscreenshot of VTO/STO
    Version 13 of Dr. Ceph and Dr. Ceph Jr. are now available!

    Demos of the new versions can be downloaded here:

    NewVersion 13 includes:
  • Improved Dental, Surgical, Genioplasty, and Growth projections (Dr. Ceph Only)
  • Automatic Calibration feature for multiple X-ray sources
  • Automatic conversion from color to greyscale X-rays
  • Easier-to-use Trace Structure dialog
  • Case/Preferences/Display tab to adjust aspect ratio
  • New Minnesota 2012, Sassouni Plus AAGO, and Arnett Soft Tissue Analyses

  • 13.1 will include the following:
  • 1:1 scale printing of patient images and traces.
  • Improved zooming capability. You can now zoom anywhere and at any time.
  • Easier to use controls for changing the shape of traces or moving points and landmarks.
  • New Alveolar Canal, Temporal Sulci, and Symphysis tracings to accommodate changes in the ABO.
  • Easier to use controls and improved filter quality for the CLAHE filter.

For Your Imaging Technologies developed and markets an imaging system utilizing cephalometric analysis software specifically for Orthodontists, Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeons, and General Dentists. We use state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest quality image capture and manipulation systems in the industry. The F.Y.I. System significantly increases patient acceptance of proposed treatment plans. Earlier versions of the software were recognized in a FORTUNE magazine article spotlighting the "top 25 very cool technology companies" and received a 1996 Merit Award from the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers for "professional engineering initiative and innovation."

The F.Y.I. System consists of two software programs that allow the patient to actually see the effects of the proposed treatment. By utilizing our system, the initial examination, record-taking, treatment planning and patient consultation can be accomplished in one single appointment.

Dr. Ceph, a cephalometric analysis program with image morphing, was the first of its kind to superimpose the x-ray and photograph into one manipulable image which shows both hard and soft tissue. Using clinically accurate hard tissue movement, the patient's profile can be morphed to show the results of the proposed treatment.  English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, or Slovakian interface.

  • If you would like to see tutorial videos on Dr. Ceph, visit our FAQ page.

  • Dr. View is an image capture and case presentation program which allows the doctor the ability to customize the consultation for each patient. A slide show utilizing the patient's images can be quickly created. The patient's photographs can be archived to CD-ROM and printed to any Windows compatible printer.